Brady Arnold - Ice Age

Who the Fuck is Brady Arnold???

Exactly!   I'm a musician  /  songwriter who used to make recordings  out  of my home studio.  The style of music is progressive, rock, pop, and sometimes experimental.  I've made over 15 albums in a span of 20 years, which you can listen to at:


For me, music / songwriting has always been a way for me to  send  a  message.  So  tell me; would you keep calling a certain number if eventually no one answered the phone?  Show me an artist who strives to not be seen, or heard by anyone!  Exactly!  As a 3d modeler [link], I've been receiving much   more   success   (and   money)   than  I  have  as  a musician,  so  it's  kind  of  obvious  which  way  to go from here. It's not all about the money, because if I had more of a fan base (support) for my original stuff, that alone would motivate me to continue.  

I'd  like  to  think  that I have  given the music more than a chance  to  take  off,  and to my dismay, it has not done so even in the slightest.  I have truly put my heart into this for more than 20 years, and cannot continue to do so without the support of a fan base.  I appreciate the few of you that have  subscribed  for  my  original  music,  as  well as your occasional  comments,  and  support.   Someday  if  more people  start  giving  a  fuck, then I might turn up again to make new music.   But  until  then  I'm out and pursuing a full time career as a 3d modeler where I have already seen more success!  Enjoy the reruns (maybe forever?) 

Ciao baby!

-Brady Arnold